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Marcos y Florencia | Visiting DC & MD | May 14 - 23, 2018

Marcos y Florencia
May 14-23, 2018

We are honored to host another great couple, the highly acclaimed Marcos y Florencia.

Their Schedule:

Monday | May 14
CocoCabana | Class & Performance | 8 pm

Tuesday | May 15
Caminito Amigo Studio
8 pm Milonga Traspie Class $15 (includes Guided Practica)
9-11 pm Guided Practica w/ MyF $10
includes wine and munchies

Wednesday | May 16
Caminito Amigo Studio
8 pm Milonga Traspie Class $15 (includes Guided Practica)
9-11 pm Guided Practica w/ MyF $10
includes wine and munchies

Thursday | May 17
Eastern Market | Class & Performance

Friday | May 18
George Washington University | Beg & Int Class

Weekend Worksh
ops @ Caminito Amigo Studio

Saturday | May 19
4 - 7 pm Int/Adv Workshops 1 & 2 REGISTER >>
7:15 - 8:45 pm Beg. Workshop I REGISTER >>
Sunday | May 20
4 - 7 pm Int/Adv Workshops 3 & 4 REGISTER >>
7:15 - 8:45 pm Beg. Workshop II REGISTER >>

$35 per Workshop in advance / $40 at the door
Discounts for multiple Workshops, Frequent Amigos, Students

Monday | May 21
CocoCabana | Class & Performance | 8 pm

Tuesday | May 22
Caminito Amigo Studio
8 pm Milonga Traspie Class $15 (includes Guided Practica)
9-11 pm Guided Practica w/ MyF $10
includes wine and munchies

Wednesday | May 23
Caminito Amigo Studio
8:15 pm Class $15 (includes Guided Practica)
9:15 pm Guided Practica w/ MyF $10
includes wine and munchies

Privates Available Every Day
with Marcos y Florencia

Contact Julia Elena for availability and reservations. 301-332-1257.

About Marcos y Florencia

Marcos y Florencia

Marcos & Florencia are truly representatives of the young artist's generation who have made Tango, which is the artistic expression that defines their country, not just a passion that has united them, but also a talented professional career.

They have studied with most of the most important teachers of Argentine Tango, achieving a refined and elegant dance style that characterizes them. Continue reading about Marcos y Florencia >>

A Master Every Month

Caminito Amigo hosts a guest Master Teacher every month. Register in advance to their Weekend Workshops at Caminito Amigo Studio. We offer discounts to Frequent Amigos and Students (with valid student ID).

They are all are incredible dancers in the traditional style we promote and hold amazing classes, privates and workshops. We are proud to host them here in the DC area as they travel around the U.S.A. and the world.

Coming up:
June 2018 Armando Orzuza and Nuria Martinez
August 2018 Jesus Valezquez
"Los Villagra" Claudio & Helena and more to come...

Thank You Analía Centurión
& Jeremías Fors

analia jeremias black and white.jpg

The amazing Analía Centurión and Jeremías Fors came to Caminito Amigo from April 2 - 13, 2018.

We thank them so much for sharing their vast Argentine Tango knowledge to the DC Metro area. We'll be happy to have them back soon.

Frequent Amigos Discount

For those that attended either of the last two monthly Master workshops, a Frequent Amigos discount will be offered for the next workshop.

For Beginners

Begin your Argentine Tango journey with Caminito Amigo. We offer beginner courses where we cover the techniques of walking and the embrace, along with dancing with feeling. In the end, you will be dancing a good beginner's tango. Courses now available on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Beginners I

6 week 1 hour course for those that have no Argentine Tango experience.

We will cover what it means and feels to be a leader and follower while also combining those skills with the style of walking.

Upcoming courses begin:
May 23 | 7 pm | Wednesdays | REGISTER >>
May 26 | 2 pm | Saturdays | REGISTER >>

Beginners II

6 week 1 hour course for those that have taken Beginners I or have shown a solid working knowledge of leading, following and walking technique.

We will cover front ochos and back ochos, molinete (follower turns around the leader), giros (turns), parada (stop) and sacadas (displacement) as well as re-enforcing our walking technique, leading and following.

Upcoming course begins:
May 23 | 8:15 pm | Wednesdays | REGISTER >>

Beginner Workshops
with Master Teachers

We offer Beginner Workshops with our guest teachers to give our beginners the opportunity to be in an intensive environment and experience learning with Master Teachers. These workshops are for those that have completed our Beginners I course or have shown a solid working knowledge of leading, following and walking technique.

Next Workshops:
Saturday | May 19 | Beginner Workshop I
7:15 - 8:45 pm | REGISTER >>
Sunday | May 20 | Beginner Workshop II
7:15 - 8:45 pm | REGISTER >>

Practica Every Wednesday

After our beginner classes, we leave the music on and have our weekly practica, Practica de Los Amigos.

A practica is where we leave the music on, no cortinas (no breaks) and in a less formal setting and etiquette, we practice our Argentine Tango.

Every Wednesday from 9 pm to 11 pm.

Milonga Every Last Wednesday

Caminito Amigo holds a milonga on the last Wednesday of  every month. Milonga de Los Amigos.

We play our favorite tandas and dance the night away with wine and munchies.

Our next Milonga is on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 from 9 pm to 12 am.

Don't Have Shoes?

While you can use your low heels and leather sole shoes to attend a class (no sneakers or platform shoes), we recommend for good beginner shoes at a reasonable price Fu-Hau Dance Wear. Ask for Judy. 703.508.3870. She recommends to call before going.

Fu-Hao Dance Wear
Inside the One-Hour Photo
2833 Gallows Road
Falls Church, VA 22042

We know style is important, but it's more important to have a well fitting shoe. Select your shoes by comfort.

Other Tango in DC Metro Area

For other Milongas in the DC Metro area, we recommend looking at the Capital Tangueros calendar.

Join Us

Join our friendly community of Argentine Tango lovers for classes, milongas and Tango related events.

We hold beginner courses every 6 weeks, host Master Teachers from Argentina every month to expand our knowledge to the next level and hold asados (Argentine BBQ), milongas and other cultural events revolving around Argentine Tango.

Learn more about Caminito Amigo >>

Tango is a feeling, a "sentimiento" that you dance to.
When you start the dance, you do not start with a step, you start with a feeling.

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