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Claudio Villagra and Helena Fernandez

Claudio Villagra & Helena Fernandez visit DC

Caminito Amigo is proud to host Forever Tango star Claudio Villagra and Helena Fernandez, also known as "Los Villagra".

January 23-30, 2017

They will hold classes, seminars, milongas and special performances during their stay in Washington DC from January 23 to 30, 2017.

Register early for the Seminars to reserve your space and receive an early registration discount!

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Claudio and Helena's Schedule

Claudio Villagra's talent has earned him roles in the most renowned international stages in Broadway, Europe, Asia and America in shows alongside major companies as Tanguera, Tango Seduccion, Tango Argentino and Forever Tango, the latter being in the graphic image of the show.

He has followed teachings by Juan Aurelio, Juan Carlos Copes, Virulazo, Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Gloria and Eduardo, Dinzel, N. Guichanduc; world-famous recognised Maestros who contributed extensively to his training.

Helena Fernandez graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in Londres (2000) and has become an international dancer and choreographer of Tango for the past 10 years.

She has trained with important international teachers like Julio Balmaceda, Roberto Herrera, Jorge Dispari, Gustavo Naveira, Gavito, Jorge Firpo, Facundo e Kely, Gustavo Rosas, Gisela Natoli, Oscar Casais and Hugo Daniel.

Private Lessons

Register for private lessons with Claudio and Helena during their stay in the DC area. Time is available throughout their stay.

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Claudio & Helena at Argentine Tango USA Festival and Championship 2016.

And More Teachers to Come!

Marcos Pereira and Florencia Borgnia

February 13-20,2017

Marcos Pereira & Florencia Borgnia

March 22-29, 2017

Damian Mechura & Veronica Vazquez

June 7-14, 2017

Nito y Elba

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