Caminito Amigo specializes in establishing a solid Argentine Tango foundation for you to grow with. We provide you with a friendly environment to learn and enjoy what it means to tango like they do in Buenos Aires. We teach, dance and enjoy the traditional Argentine Tango which consists of a good walk, a firm embrace and proper connection.

Learning to walk together.

Learning to walk together.



  • Learn confidence by being more aware of your body language.

  • Learn how two become one and the resulting satisfaction.

  • Being in the moment every single moment results in a meditative state.

  • Learn to make a mistake and keep going.

  • Learn how to make your intention clear as a leader.

  • Learn to receive signals and interpret them as a follower.

  • Learn to have patience and respect to your partner.

  • You can go anywhere in the world and find a milonga (tango dance party) to join.



The only difference is that the leader initiates the movement. Once the dance starts, both are responsible for moving as one. Hence, it takes two to tango.



Come see our intimate and unique learning space. Every 6 weeks we offer a free class, a tour of our studio and an opportunity for you to learn more about us. Visit our Events page for the next free lesson. Come as a couple, come by yourself. Meet new people! It's a great time!

Once you learn tango, all other dances become easier. It is a great way to be healthy, socialize and have fun.