Jorge Torres and Analía Centurion

These are great examples of the style we honor here at Caminito Amigo.

Enjoy watching tango greats Jorge Torres and Analia Centurion. And learn from them their techniques here at Caminito Amigo.

El Flaco Dany

"El Encopao"

The theme song for our January 2018 milonga, El Encopao.

“El Encopao” (The Drunkard) is the name of a song from 1942. It is played by one of our favorite orchestras, Enrique Rodriguez.

Sung by Armado Moreno, music by Osvaldo Pugliese, lyrics by Enrique Dizeo.

This video has English and Italian translation.

Asi se baila tango!

(This is how you dance tango!) Bravooo!

National Day of Argentine Tango

The idea of Tango Day was to commemorate the birthday of the creators of the two main currents of Tango: Carlos Gardel -the voice, the idol, "el zorzal criollo"-, born the 11th December 1890, and Julio De Caro -the music, the magnificent orchestra director, the renovator, also born December 11th, in 1899.

Out of this magnificent idea TANGO DAY WAS BORN (EL DIA DEL TANGO).

Enjoy "Por Una Cabeza" by Carlos Gardel.
Asi se baila tango!
El maestro! Osvaldo Pugliese.
The great milonguero "El Gallego" made a valuable point about the secrets of tango. He said, "There is no tango if you dance without heart, only movements without feelings". "You can not ride a bicycle if you can not walk first". "Dance respecting the silence, rhythm and times of the music".

Understanding The Cabeceo

Great tips for inviting a lady to dance tango.

"CABECEO" is slight inclination of the head generally to the right side, this form of communication is used in Buenos Aires milongas to invite a lady to dance with him.

See the video for more explanation.

Good Bye Juancito

Good bye Juancito you went to heaven to open a milonga there RIP. After being a friend on Facebook I had the pleasure and honor to meet and dance with him this past February 2017 with Juan Lencina .

He was one of the many old milongueros in Argentina. In his past few years he and Daniel host a milonga in the Club Grisel named La Cachila were he had his last dance.

As he once said " I will dance until the problem is resolved" In this video with English subtitles will describe some of his experiences with "El Tango es Amor" another expression of him. - Julia Elena, July 2017

Click CC for English captions.

1st Chacarera Class

This is how Caminito Amigo began 2014, with a Chacarera class led by Adela and Osvaldo!

Luis "Luigi" Rognoni and Julia Elena Dance El Flete

At Milonga de la Iglesia.

Redwood Tango Ensemble

Thank you to all who attended and made this a beautiful and memorable event.